A group project by myself and Jordan Pledge

Stuff; things; junk – we’ve all got it, we rarely need it, and most of us want more of it, but how often do we really stop to consider the true cost of all this matter? Everything has its price in our consumer culture and we’re unconsciously gambling away our planet’s limited currency. We need a change of both mind and heart: we need to learn to live with less.

Upon reading the moving pictures brief, we immediately felt Richard Sennett’s statement resonate with us and were excited to rise to the challenge of bringing to life a tangible representation of his words. It’s no secret, in the UK at least, that we spoil ourselves with goods and gadgets and our initial research implied that very few of us ever stop to think about the impact this has on our planet and its environment. Our main line of enquiry was therefore: What could we give up as individuals and as a society? We took this question to the public and quickly had our suspicions confirmed – most of us had great difficulty choosing and would much rather not give anything up.

From this research we decided to move our focus away from the tangible to the abstract and focus on portraying a narrative of change directly. To achieve this we created our character, McFox, and decided to animate his journey and struggle through a shifting mind-set from blindly consuming to learning to live with less.